Earthquake Turkey Syria Interactive

The earthquake is over
but the wounds remain

The earthquake of Turkey-Syria has killed tens of thousands of people. Other tens of thousands survived  the buildings collapse. Larger number of survivors suffer from deep body injuries called crush injuries. As the name implies these injuries result from blunt trauma to the body by the falling heavy concrete blocks. The squeezed muscle tissues die and release toxins into the blood, which can result in organ failure and death. This a chronic condition that requires weeks to months to treat.

Luckily, this is a treatable condition. Doctors need to surgically open the limb to release the pressure and allow the tissues to relax and heal. These open wounds take weeks to heal, which adds to the suffering of these afflicted patients and puts them at risk of infection. Scientific research has shown that the application of negative pressure (suction) on these wounds markedly accelerates wound healing and reduced complications. The rate of healing with negative pressure is almost 60% faster than spontaneous healing.

How you can help

 Our job is to help wounds heal faster after crush injuries treatment. With your support, we will provide earthquake survivors with a negative pressure treatment supplies.  Each patient will receive a full treatment kit consisting of the negative pressure apparatus (PragmaVAC) and specialized wound dressing for this treatment, that will be used to heal the wound after crush injuries. 


Donate now

Donate a wound dressing
US $25

Each wound required average of 3 specialized air-tight dressing for negative pressure wound treatment.

Donate a treatment device
US $85

Each patient will have his own apparatus for negative pressure wound treatment, until his/her wound closes.

Donate full treatment course
US $160

Wound closure requires a negative pressure device and 3 air-tight dressings changes.


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Who Are We: Pragmatic Innovation Inc. is a Canadian corporation based out of Mississauga, ON, Canada. We are specialized in producing low cost and effective solutions for dire medical conditions. The leaderships includes Dr Hisham Alshaer, an established scientist, and Dr Mahmoud Hariri, of London, UK, an award winning humanitarian surgeon, and a group of international senior advisors. Pragmatic Innovation has been funded by Creating Hope in Conflict: a Humanitarian Grand Challenge; a partnership of USAID, The UK Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and Global Affairs Canada, with support from Grand Challenges Canada. This program aims at providing innovative wound care solutions for humanitarian settings.
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